About Us


As ambiance lovers, we would spend hours on Google searching phrases such as “Prettiest Restaurants in NYC” or “Instagrammable Bars in NYC”. It was hard work, and required sifting through a lot of articles and results in order to find spots we love.

In the process, we noticed how strong the NYC Foodie community was. There were so many Instagram accounts dedicated to where to eat in the city, and articles on where to find the best tacos, the best burgers, or whatever meal you were craving. But the the options were limited for those who may prioritize aesthetic a little more than the food.

So, Best Ambiance was born. We started out with an Instagram that featured Instagrammable restaurants, bars, cafes, and day trips from NYC. The community grew and we knew we had something special (and weren’t the only ones who want to be somewhere pretty).

Instagram however has it’s limitations. You can’t search by location, a type of cuisine, or a certain aesthetic you’re looking for (e.g. – outdoor seating). We launched our website so you could easily discover the most beautiful local spots within just a few clicks. The site allows you to search by price point, within a certain neighborhood, and so much more. Take a look at our “How it Works” page to learn how you can get started.