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The Best Coffee Shops for Plant & Flower Lovers

If you’re a lover of ambiance, we already know you’re also a lover of flowers. These two go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. A floral display is the best way to make a space instantly more aesthetic. Recently, there have been more and more café / flower shop combos popping up all over the city and we are most definitely here for it. Check out our roundup of the prettiest flower or plant filled coffee shops around where you can get your caffeine fix and a cute Instagram pic.

1. Remi43

photo: theroundface.hyc

Remi43 Flower Coffee Shop is a beautiful café located in Midtown East, known for its cozy atmosphere and delectable coffee and pastries. The bi-level interior is adorned with fresh flowers and lush greenery. The menu offers a variety of high-quality coffee and tea beverages, as well as delicious baked goods and light bites.

2. Remi Coffee & Flower Shop

photo: theinfatuation

Remi Flower currently has two locations, with this spot also in Midtown East less than 10 blocks from its other location. The spot is also known for its visually stunning interiors complete with flowers of all kinds. The café serves a variety of high-quality coffee complete with beautiful designs plus delicious pastries.


3. Rosecrans

photo: reinarubin

Rosecrans is a coffee shop and floral boutique located in the West Village. Known for its abundance of fresh flowers, you can find a variety of flowers and plants, such as roses, lilies, orchids, and succulents. You’re also able to sit down and relax with a coffee and small bites.

4. Ariston Flowers

photo: artisonflowers

Ariston Flowers is a unique and inviting space that combines the best of both worlds: flowers and coffee. The modern aesthetic of the café is complemented by the splashes of color from the fresh flowers, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The comfortable seating and bright lighting make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

5. Maman Greenwich Village

photo: ariettamanzi

The floral interior design of Maman Greenwich Village is inspired by the café’s French roots. The café’s founder, Camille Fournet, grew up in the South of France, and she wanted to create a space that would evoke the feeling of a Parisian café. The café’s walls are covered in lush greenery, and the tables are decorated with fresh flowers.

6. Café-Flor

photo: damncindypham

Cafe Flor, located in Chelsea, has a beautiful ambiance of deep green walls, and gold framed photos. Within the cafe, you can find gorgeous florals perfect for making your own bouquet. The laid-back vibe makes it the perfect place to cozy up with a laptop, a cofee, and a fresh-baked pastry.


7. Plantshed

photo: ss0552

PlantShed Café is a family-owned flower and coffee shop located at 1 Prince St. The café serves locally-sourced coffee, pastries, matcha lattes and cold brew on tap, as well as premium flowers and a curated selection of potted cacti, succulents and tropical foliage. The café is light and airy, with a Scandinavian living aesthetic that pulls nature indoors and focuses on sustainability.

8. Cafe Atelier

photo: pragatic_

Café Atelier is a cozy café located in Tribeca, with a beautiful floral interior design. The shop façade typically also has an arrangement welcoming you inside. In the shop you can enjoy a coffee, a waffle, and the refreshing smell of flowers. Don’t skip out on the coffee either – each cup comes with a pretty design on top.

9. Kunst Coffee Haus

photo: beejay jacinto

Kunst Coffee Haus is a cozy coffee shop located in Bayside, Queens. The shop provides itself on aesthetics that are not limited to solely just coffee. Inside, the café is a green jungle with many plant varieties as well as flowers. The space offers a handful of seating options including an upstairs level.

10. PPL

photo: kimmyn_

PPL Café, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a coffee and tea oasis owned by Tomo Takasugi. Born and raised in Japan, Takasugi brings his love for coffee and tea to PPL, serving specialty seasonal coffee from 95 RPM Roasters, a variety of Shizuoka Japanese barley and black teas, and organic matcha from Kagoshima. The café is adorned with plant species of all shapes and sizes, lining the walls, counter, ceiling, and corners, creating a dreamy atmosphere.



11. Flowers on the Park

photo: Ido Simyoni

Flowers on the Park is primarily a floral arrangements retailer, but their Upper West Side location is also a charming coffee shop. Discover a wide variety of plants even before you step inside this shop. In nicer weather, small tables are set up on the streetside so you can bask in the flowers surrounding you.

12. Homecoming

photo: ss0522

Homecoming is a delightful café and flower shop located in Brooklyn that offers visitors a charming and cozy atmosphere. The cafe’s décor is warm and inviting, featuring rustic wooden tables, vintage-inspired seating, and plants hanging from the ceiling. A perfect spot to pop-in and view the greenery while you sip on your coffee.


13. Carlota

photo: tony tokuya

Carlota is a beautiful flower shop with lovely bouquets on display. The interior is very photogenic with colorful flowers, lush green plants, and many cute ceramic pots for sale. In the back is a small coffee bar you can grab a drink while you admire the beautiful selections.

14. Intelligentsia Coffee

photo: skaufman4050

Intelligentsia Coffee is located in the courtyard of the Highline Hotel in NYC and offers a beautiful destination for coffee lovers. The entryway to the café is a big arch, and typically adorned with flowers from the latest season. Once in the courtyard, there is ample seating and photography options (like the retro double decker bus).


15. Urban Backyard

photo: jordantaylor

Urban Backyard is one of the most photographed coffee shops out there and it’s obvious why. The exterior is just as charming as the interior, and both are always filled with lush green plants tailored to the current season. In addition to the greenery outside, the café is also known for their succulent design cupcakes.

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